• Friday, 23rd June, 2017

Spring is here!

It’s 68 degrees here today and it’s supposed to be 75 tomorrow. All the trees are blooming and the daffodils are springing up. While I like the warm weather and flowers I could do without the pollen. I’m all sneezy and have headaches almost daily because of my sinuses. Thankfully I’ve got meds for both.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Mom, Dad and I are going to have pizza and then Sunday we’re having a taco party with the rest of the family. I’m looking forward to both! :-)

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I’m Back!

I was without my computer from 2/19 until today. I thought I was going to go nuts without it! It was initially thought that it was the hard drive but it turned out that Windows had crashed, so I got it reinstalled and the hard drive cleaned off and now it’s running like a top.

We’ve been having lovely spring-like weather and I’ve really been enjoying it. Today was rainy though and we had a huge storm about an hour ago. We’re under a tornado watch until 7:00pm. I hate when we’re under tornado watches!

A new Hobby Lobby opened up here yesterday and of course Mom and I had to check it out. We really liked it and they were having a huge sale. I got two balls of yarn for .99 each and one was 6.49 and the other was 4.99. Mom and Dad are going to give me my birthday money early and we’re going back Friday before the sale ends.

I think I’m going to head to my room now. My arm are bothering me from looming last night.

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Feeling Better

I’m finally starting to feel a little better. Apparently it was a new medicine that I was on that was causing my problems. I stopped taking it and will be calling the doctor on Tuesday to get it changed to something else. I really wish doctors knew more about drugs before subscribing them to people.

My Valentine’s Day was fine. Mom and I visited Grandma and Joy and then my Dad brought us each one of our favorite candy bars.

I just downloaded a new game so I’m off to play it!

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This and That

I’m not feeling very well so I’ll be taking a little time off from working on the site. I’ve got some kinks in the site that are going to take a while to work out anyway.

I’ll be back soon!

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Got the theme up and running! Now I’m just trying to work out the kinks!

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Under Construction!

I know this place looks pretty bare right now but I’m working on it. I’ve got an order in for a WP theme, so as soon as I get it this place will be looking better! Hopefully I’ll have everything up and running in a couple of days!

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